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Cheap blowup sheep inflatable sheepBaaabaaa, Cheap Sheep,  have you room for a pole?

Yes sir, yes sir, Stick it in my hole!

Our sheep may be cheap, but they are still attractive! All our inflatable sheep wear lipstick, have a tail and a rear point of entry… Sounds like you’ve scored!

Inflatable Sheep are only $9.95 !

Shipping is FREE – if you order 1 or 100 – the shipping is always FREE. Shipping is sent via USPS First Class. You can change the quantity when you click BUY NOW.

Do you have a bachelor party coming up soon? If your planning the party – then you need props. Holding a great bachelor party means organizing a weekend of funnies and ensuring the party does not go down without a few stories to share. And don’t forget to include all those ‘naughty’ elements that a bachelor party needs.

One of the toys that have recently become a major phenomenon at bachelor parties are blow up sheep. Our Inflatable sheep are dolls the size of a cat – complete with butt holes.

Inflatable sheep are an excellent addition to any bachelor party. There are plenty of places you can buy blow up sheep but the best deals for inflatable sheep is here. We part own the factory where the Blowup Sheep are made so it’s in our interest to deliver the best product at the best price. We can manufacture different sizes and colors to suit your needs.